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I also work with adults to support them with matters around attachment and relationships; shame; loss and bereavement; BAME and POC individuals and the impact of racism and shadism/colourism; repetitive intrusive thoughts; anxiety; discrimination; low mood and depression; gender and/or sexuality; adoption; making sense of recent diagnoses; major life changes; infertility; self-esteem; and childhood trauma.

My specialist child and adolescent psychotherapy MA included Adult Psychotherapy training and clinical placements. The focus on developmental knowledge and training and the access to Adult Psychotherapy placements in my studies particularly enable me to effectively support adults who are experiencing the negative effects of early experiences. So in particular, on a medium- and long-term basis, I work with individuals who feel ready to look into their childhoods and explore, within the developing therapeutic relationship, how early experiences have impacted their personalities, their physical health and their beliefs about themselves, the world and others.

​​​Adult Psychotherapy

I offer weekly psychotherapy which is a therapeutic intervention focused on exploring, in depth and over a long period of time, deeply-rooted emotional, physical, relationship, psychological and behavioural issues.

I use Humanistic Psychotherapy and Integrative Psychotherapy (including Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Attachment-based Psychotherapy) to help clients identify and reconnect with their core sense of self (core needs and values) and help them build more satisfying and fulfilling lives.

Also, once a trusting and therapeutic relationship has been established I sometimes use EMDR Therapy techniques to target specific traumatic material, fears, intrusive thoughts and highly upsetting memories.

As a psychotherapist I do not offer advice to clients yet sometimes I use counselling techniques alongside psychotherapy to support clients' therapy goals and general wellbeing. For example, psychoeducation on Brain Neuroscience and Neurobiology and Attachment Theory is often shared to resource clients in informative, effective and permanent ways.

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Adult Psychotherapy: About Therapy
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